We address the ground transportation needs of different companies around the world. Here are a few outstanding examples.


Seeing great potential for upgradation in the auto-rickshaw industry in India, Socomo Technologies wanted to leverage this untouched market and infuse mobile technology in this sector. They used Taxi Hawk to build Jugnoo App, an auto-booking app for customers and drivers. After the 4 months of successful running, Jugnoo has reached the benchmark of 15,000 rides per month. Besides, Socomo Technologies recently bagged Series A funding from a reputed investor and now plans to expand in other parts of India.

OGA Taxi

Nono Nnas decided to tackle the problem of high taxi fares and hazardous cab conditions by transforming the taxi industry in Abuja, Nigeria. Seeing the potential in on-demand taxi booking technology, he chose Taxi Hawk to create OGA, Nigeria’s first on demand taxi booking app. The solution enabled the mobile app to successfully offer quick, safe and convenient rides to Nigerian citizens.


With number of on-demand cab companies making their way into the US market, Eiten Ben understood the unfair practice of surge pricing and taking commission which are imposed on the Drivers. He used Taxi Hawk to create Gadole, a mobile app which connects passengers and drivers in a professional, reliable and safe way. The solution helped Eiten reduce driver’s downtime and increase their productivity.


CabIT, a Gaborone-based Botswana transportation network company, wanted to uplift their taxi business with the help of in-trend mobile technology. They employed Taxi Hawk solution to create CabIT App, an all-inclusive cab hailing mobile app which allows users to book a ride in just two clicks. The app will help CabIT expand their reach and customer base domestically as well as internationally into other Southern African markets.