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Invest in the Future of your Business

  • Expand customer base beyond the typical high-touch, older business traveller
  • Reduce vehicle idle-time
  • Reduce driver downtime
  • Potentially reduce expenses relating to staffing traditional call centers
  • Provide pricing flexibility based on supply and demand
  • Maximize their inventory at all times
  • Always staying in touch with retail and corporate customers




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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Taxi Hawk?
  2. Taxi Hawk is a one stop solution to take your taxi business to a new era. It consist of a Customer app, Driver app and a Dispatch panel. Book, track, manage, execute entire taxi booking and dispatch process under one platform. Go ahead! and take our FREE demo at http://taxi-hawk.com/demo
  3. Why should I use Taxi Hawk?
  4. Taxi hawk will reduce taxi company’s manual efforts in dispatching and managing bookings. It provides your existing taxi business a high tech working environment. Taxi Hawk efficiently allocate tasks, manage transactions, and also helps you maintain a complete client database which is essential in analyzing performance reports.
  5. I am not a very big player in the taxi industry, will Taxi Hawk suit to a smaller taxi company like mine ?
  6. Yes, Taxi Hawk adapts itself to small, medium and big taxi companies. It has all in-built features in its admin panel to make itself rightly fit to any company hierarchy.
  7. Is Taxi Hawk easy to use and light on my pocket ?
  8. Taxi Hawk needs minimal guidance to work . It is a ‘ready to use’ software designed to be used in any part of the world. Keeping the software User friendly and affordable was one of our prime objectives.
  9. Can I get a demo of the system?
  10. Yes, you can have a real time experience of our FREE demo at http://taxi-hawk.com/demo.
  11. Is there a separate app for Customers and Drivers? also, can the back-end be used to dispatch cabs manually?
  12. You can go ahead and download Taxi Hawk apps for both Customer and Driver from Google Play and App store. You can find links to the Apps at our Website, keep browsing :) and yes the admin panel is designed to cater requests for any manual dispatch of the cabs.
  13. How should I buy Taxi Hawk?
  14. Visit ‘Plans’ page and click ‘Get a free quote’. You will be assisted by our representative giving you complete details about payment procedures.
  15. I have more questions, what should I do?
  16. We would be happy to assist you. Please drop us an email at contact@taxi-hawk.com

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